Discover the Secret to Natural Pain Relief

Instant Pain Ease is a pain relief technique that utilizes simple hand or finger pressure to dissipate trigger-point pain. It is performed by simply finding the trigger-point tenderness with a finger or elbow.

Instant Pain Ease is for a condition you know is not serious but nonetheless causes you discomfort and significant pain that you’d like to eliminate without drugs or other invasive procedures.

 – Dr. Rina Shinn, MD

Instant Pain Ease

What if there is a way to get rid of our pain without pills or injection?  What if it is done by simply touching near the painful area with hands? Instant Pain Ease is based on Trigger Point theory of Janet Trevell , MD and more recent Pain Neutralization Technique by...

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Oh, the pain in my…foot!

There is no question about it. High heels are back and are they higher than ever! 2 to 3 inch heels of the bygone days are no match for the 7 to 8 inch heels that are commonly available (in platform styles) and up to 10 inch custom-made heels. The biggest price one...

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Instant Relief from Fear, Anxiety, and Traumatic Memory

It is a shame that a lot of effective and proven therapies are not advertized much in this country, if it does not involve some type of medication or expensive machine. Did you know that there is an instantaneous, effective, and quite often long-lasting, if not...

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Pressure Points

Instant Pain Ease is performed by simply finding the trigger-point tenderness with a finger or elbow.


“I highly recommend Instant Pain Ease without reservation”

As a former competitive runner, knee pain has been a part of my daily life. Instant Pain Ease was immediately helpful in eliminating my knee pain, allowing me to comfortably engage in athletic activities. I highly recommend Instant Pain Ease without reservation.

- Eloise Bonde

“I am speechless”

I am speechless ...Dr. Shinn's book is very informative and context / contents is very detailed. Indeed this is one of the must read book, it showcased a straight forward thought with no sugar coating. Hope this book will be published soon.

- Betsy Alano
 Child Development Specialist- Home Care Solutions Inc.,
Los Angeles, California

“Well-explained and the photographs were very helpful”

I really enjoyed reading Instant Pain Ease and thought the information was well-explained and the photographs were very helpful. And, I learned a lot, too! I also thought your comments and examples showed your warm, caring personality, and your view that perhaps we can help ourselves in some ways and to not beat ourselves up when we don’t feel well (i.e., we should not feel like we are “less”).

- Maureen Keenan-Mason

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